Jinji Lake Scenic Area

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  • Introduction of Jinji Lake
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An introduction to the Scenic Area of Jinji Lake

Some people say Suzhou is like a double-sided embroidery and the ancient city proper is the frontal side. The rail transit extends eastwards away from Suzhou City proper all the way to a lake called Jinji Lake, which side constitutes the other side of Suzhou.

As a national AAAAA rated scenic area, Jinji Lake is the only one oriented towards business travel among many other areas of the same level. Therefore, it is a model “national business travel demonstration area”. The total area of the scenic spot is 11.5 square kilometers(of which the water area is 7.4 square kilometers), and the area is laid out for business travel in the principle of “building the whole area into scenic area and facilitate tourism by business activities” . With an investment of 8.953 billion RMB and centering around Jinji Lake, the whole area has been constructed into five functional regions: conference and expo, shopping, dining and relaxation, city sightseeing, and central waterscape area.

  • Lakefront Avenue

  • Jinji Lake bridge and waterfall

  • Harmony LCD Skyscreen

  • Ferris Wheel

  • Peach Blossom Island

  • Li Gong Di Causeway

  • Moonlight Harbour

  • Lakeside Spring Plaza

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Visitors can choose a variety of ways of transport, such as Li Gong Di trains, Jinji Lake water bus, public bicycles and so on.

There are at present three primary and four secondary tourist service centers scattered around Li Gong Di, Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, Harmony Times Square and Ferris Wheel Park, providing all kinds of services for tourists.

There are 29 parking lots in the scenic area (among which 11 located in the public district and 18 others in the territory of the businesses of the area) capable of accommodating 10842 cars or buses. As for washrooms, they are sufficient in number and reasonably distributed in the scenic area, and among these washroom, 21 in public district and 198 in the territory of the businesses of the area with 2167 toilet cubicle in total, which number accounts for more than 5‰ of the average daily number of visitors in peak season.

Tourist Service Centers

Jinji Lake scenic area currently has three primary tourist services centers, located at the three entrances of the scenic area (east, south and north respectively, but the one at west entrance is under construction) and four secondary tourist service centers scattered around Li Gong Di, Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, Harmony Times Square, and Ferris Wheel Park, providing all kinds of services for tourists.

  • Tips
    Tips of Related Construction Situation of lake-around of the Jinji Lake ScenicWith the approved construction of Li
  • SIP tourism resources promoted in Tianjin
    The Suzhou Tourism Promotion themed on "Spending My Summer Vacation in Suzhou" was held on June 26 in Tianjin,
  • Jinji Lake Scenic Area tops tourist attraction rankings
    Jinji Lake Scenic Area ranked first and second respectively under the two reports
Ferris Wheel

Management Innovation

Innovative and open management system for scenic area

Jinji Lake scenic area has established a management pattern featuring inter-coordination and co-action of government and enterprises, namely, the scenic area management center is the department responsible for supervision over the scenic area, which department is a public institution but operates in a way applicable to enterprises. The center coordinates and co-acts with the four state-owned organizations: public security, traffic police, city management and public utility, they jointly carry out scenic area daily management, visitors services, propagandizing and popularizing, festival activities and integrated law-enforcement.

Construction of smart scenic area

  • On-line tourist number statistics
  • Operation analysis on-line
  • Comprehensive management on-line
  • On-line visitor center